Attic in via Masaccio

An interior design project on an already defined architectural organism: an attic in the thetwentieth-century expansion area of Florence. The project seeks spatial fluidity to give breath to rooms with very streched proportions without resorting to ordinary spatial patterns but rather underlining their oddness. The furniture meets the poetics of contrast between mainstream design and hand-crafted elements with a distinct texture and materiality, all combined under rigorous geometries.

The living area. The young owners’ desire of living a place with no sharp separations between rooms inspired the design of the iron and wood table contiguous to the Boffi kitchen unit with its wing-section top in Cardoso stone. The sliding table is in antique oak wood. When pushed next to the kitchen it allows the configuration of a large buffet. Above the table, the blade of light housed in a sliding iron chassis, results from the customization of Kreon’s recessed “nuit” lamps. An iron totem, hanging from the ceiling, integrates a spice-holder, a spot light over the kitchen’s work surface, and hidden electrical sockets. The iron piece housing the refrigerator and built-in oven, solves the visual noise of the kitchen’s accessories and becomes the hinge with the entrance hall.

The lounge area. The entrance corridor joins the lounge area to a very bright, streched room. The transition is rhythmically marked by cantilevered oak elements (book shelves, a desk and a cabinet for audio-video accessories) where the individual activities of work and study are condensed. The fireplace made of iron and Cardoso stone, is designed combining technology, design and craftsmanship.