Attic in Piazza Pitti

Firenze. Piazza Pitti. A modern loft carved into a very narrow plot in the heart of the historic city, on top of the tallest building facing Piazza Pitti. By replacing a portion of a bearing wall with a descreet tie rod, Simona Bianchi and Roberto Baccioni gave a radically new order to the space. The new living area is a double-height room filled with sunlight coming from the main windows facing Piazza Pitti. A mezzanine-bed for guests articulates the space giving special aesthetic qualities to different areas of the room. The slim perimetral wall is coated with plasterboard to improve acoustic comfort and to cutout splayes that better accomodate and ennoble the line of the windows facing Palazzo Pitti. The circulation layout, the technical choices, finishings and furniture, are all orientated to quality and comfort. The fireplace, the focal point of living, is a recoverd antique wooden frame redesigned with iron splayes.