“Bon Ton”

The bed of your dreams
A Bedding collection by Simonetta Ravizza for Dea

Three Luxury “made in Italy” brands have come together designing and realizing these exclusive
bedding creations.
Simonetta Ravizza, the design team of Studio 10 and Dea. All working in the top of their fields
creating bespoke one of a kind designs, have now come together to collaborate on this project:
Simonetta well known for her exclusive furs, Studio 10 with their “Cozy Luxury” philosophy having
taken flight from the “Tappeti Volanti” project, and Dea bringing a contemporary approach to a very
traditional way of working with materials and for all things tailored.

This is how “Bon Ton” was conceived.
These bed linens are made using only the finest materials and exclusive design, yet each has a
distinct playfulness, mixing old and new with tradition and luxury. Simonetta Ravizza and Dea are
the perfect partners seamlessly interpreting and realizing the design ideas of Studio10 and
together the three have created the perfect balance of craftsmanship and luxury.

Only the finest techniques and materials have been used in the realization of “Bon Ton”.
Simonetta Ravizza has taken great care in choosing the perfect xiangao and only the finest fox furs
have been used.
Dea found the perfect organic linen, chosen because it is both weighted yet light to the touch.
The marriage of these two elements has led to the creation of “Bon Ton”… the bed of your dreams.