Gucci Offices – Restorations

Between 2007 and 2009 architects Bianchi and Baccioni together with a third partner carried out restoration projects on prestigious historic buildings, dating from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century, of great historical and artistic importance and therefore protected by the Superintendent to the architectural heritage. These works are configured as functional conversions in which to collimate the guidelines of the superintendent with the circulation clarity and system requirements resulting from the new use classification as offices and commercial. The creation of new smaller offices is often settled with the “box into the box” concept in order to preserve the integrity of the architectural structure. Glass and steel cubes, with elegant window treatments to ensure privacy, guarantee the continuity of the vaulted spaces and at the same time draw a clear distinction between old and new. According to the same design principle new fittings are hidden under sophisticated floating floors , designed in detail: solid oak planks are layed with a modern geometry that enhances their perceptual qualities. Legibility of the modern refurbishment, high quality materials and refined details are the peculiarities of all restoration works by Studio10.