System for open-air lounges – Venus

Venus - Led Lamp
Produced by Exenia Lighting

From a special project by Studio10 the system is conceived to transfer the intimacy and comfort of a private lounge to open air spaces. A number of elements that are perfectly integrated in the outdoor furniture propagate light and heat with the technical and perceptual qualities of interior design.

The light of Venus instills warmth, intimacy, defines spaces. It is able to turn an open air space into a protected one. It’s a mutation of the substance of air, which solidifies around a spring of light, archetype of fire turned into technique.

Venus is an outdoor spot-light that can be integrated with the umbrellas’ ribs. The optics and color of the LEDs are tuned to recall the cozy atmosphere of an indoor space.



Color: matt pearly black; pearly beige; white

Light source: LED-spot 10°

Power: 2x 3W

Size: 138x48x50mm