Myth Nature and Faith

Project Name:Myth Nature and Faith
Location: Badia a Passignano and MIC, Faenza
Exhibition Date: 2001, 2002
Professional Services: Conceptual Design and Technical Development
Photos: Alessandro Soffietto

Exhibitions created by Simona Bianchi and Roberto Baccioni are orientated towards immersive settings moulded around the works and the curatorial project of the exhibition. In the design for “Myth Nature and Faith” set up at the MIC in Faenza and at the Badia a Passignano close to Florence, dramatic lights and backdrops are used to strongly contextualize the works. The majolicas by Pietro Melandri – among the majour italian ceramicists of the 20th century – float in dreamy environments defined by colour and light in relation to the three topics described by the title.  Studio 10 reverses the typical museum strategy of the “niche”. Works appear to be offered to visitors through iron supports that pierce the red and white curtains. Each support is specifically designed for the object it accomodates. The care for detail, often inflected to the aesthetics of gearings, is typical of Studio10’s design.