Playground Store

The shop window. The building is an old warehouse of the 50s facing a street with intense traffic. Two edgy bowindows, mounted on the large red brick wall, are molded to the shape of the diamond to catch the attention of passers-by.

Language / Poetry / Materials. The project is based on a process of subtraction aimed to rediscover and enhance the functional and expositive essence of the furniture which are reduced to uprights and joists and find their expressiveness in the quality of materials and craftsmanship of details. The uprights remind old ladders and cross-beams are aged solid oak shelves. These ladders move along a tray on the floor, drawing a flexible layout open to a variety of configurations. This distillation of the design meets a deep research of traditional materials: antique solid oak planks, coated linen and silk for the dressing rooms, corten steel, scratched plaster typical of the Florence hills.

The light. The lighting project – a flexible system of spotlights on the ceiling and anchored to the uprights of the furniture – follows a similar subtraction process. In the dressing room the adjustable LED light “Secret” – designed by study10 and produced by GLIP – is subtle and discreet.

The tower. Verticality is emphasized by the concept of the tower, central theme of the architectural design. Wooden towers (the dressing rooms), watchtower (the counter booth), corten tower (the court). But the most visible towers are those connecting the ground floor to the basement. Like trees emptied of the trunk, they become slots of light for the lower floor, and work at the same time as a support for shelves and hanging bars.

The green. Large tanks with green essences are welded to the corten walls of the inner courtyard. They draw a rhythm stressing the already tall and narrow proportions of the tower which becomes a spectacular and dramatic space although mediated by the presence of green. The use of natural elements and of green is a permanent feature of Studio10, a core issue for well-being, for giving a feeling of pleasantness and familiarity.