Urban Sound Garden

Project Name:Urban Sound Garden
Location: Campi Bisenzio (PO), Italy
Completion Date: 2004
Design Team: Roberto Baccioni, Stefano Passerotti, Andrea Sensoli
Sound and Acoustic Designer: Lorenzo Brusci (Timet)
Sound Architect: Andres Bosshard
Electrical and Lighting Engineer: Cogesim
Lighting Consultant: Eyes
Sound Technician: Enzo Cimino (Timet)
Professional Services: Conceptual Design and Technical Development
Photos: Davide Virdis

Piazza Dante. The NeoNaturalistic Theatre. Where the artificial and nature meet, to give birth to a new town. A botanic, sonic and luminous door to the historical town center of Campi Bisenzio. An invitation to re-discover the intimacy of a town center, once again naturally livable.

Piazza Matteotti.Water Creatures. On spirituality of/in the town.Traces of public memories. Memories and sounds from Campi Bisenzio and all of Tuscany. A copy of the fresco Annunciazione con la Trinità, Raffaellino del Garbo, 1513 ca., has been placed in the fountain/wash basin, the original is located in the Teatro Parrocchiale, Oratorio della Compagnia della Pieve di S. Stefano, Campi Bisenzio; the revealed fresco is surrounded by mysterious and flying loudspeakers.

Piazza Fra Ristoro. Trees of many lives. The Sacred Tree. The Women’s Tree. The Children’s Tree. The Work Tree. The Mystery Tree. The Media Tree. Each tree has its profound and expressive core. The whole installation sets up a representation of contemporary life noises and sounds.