Sundek Flagship Store

It is for its deep roots in surf culture that Sundek has chosen Forte Dei Marmi and an old ice factory for its largest store. The new concept for Sundek stores, already tested in 2011 in Milano Marittima and Saint Tropez is enriched with new elements, details and materials for the Forte dei Marmi flagship store. The regulating element from which the project unravels is the concept of movement represented by a continuous conveyer belt that progressively unveils behind slits in the wall, completely in the changing rooms’ceilings, and finally in the facade maximizing the publicity effectiveness of the shop window. The center wall condenses the double soul of the store, it mirrors the men and women areas, white and black. It exaggerates the double-height of the men area and welcomes guests in a more intimate women area. The Yin and Yang that characterizes the project consists of a room with larch walls and black iron intrados and an opposite room with larch niches in white almond patterned metal walls. The large wooden deck dotted with very tall mannequins extends from the glass entrance to the large bright windows on the bottom, and intercepts the main visual element: a wall-to-ceiling glass wall with the Sundek logo. The glass wall separates the sales area from a museum area where Sundek celebrates its historical collection and its promotional campaigns that have made the brand’s success in the 60’s. Architects Bianchi and Baccioni chose iconic furniture pieces of the 60’s and 70’s in line with the brand’s history and its origins.