Simonetta Ravizza

The Simonetta Ravizza concept is a game of simultaneous contrasts between materials and surfaces – soft and rigid, container and content – pursuing a sort of childish pleasure that is both visual and tactile. It’s a game that has something to do with the exhibition of artworks or jewels. Located inside the classical setting of the historic boutique of Annabella in Pavia, the first space designed for Simonetta Ravizza is inserted like a crease in space and time, drawing the attention on the contemporary elegance that denotes its style. From the outside the space seems encased in an iron frame encompassing the floor, the sides and the ceiling. Centred on this frame is a video-wall that plays the glamorous Milanese catwalks of Simonetta with the season’s looks. The natural iron that frames the entrance from the outside, becomes the cladding of the walls, floors and ceilings on the inside: the iron walls reveal the niches made of a pale dusty pink alcantara where furs are placed. In the centre of the hot-drawn iron floor are encased two cowhide carpets with a twill-weaved design recalling the graphical design of the floor of the boutique in via Montenapoleone. Centred on the carpets are custom designed cowhide ottomans. The main wall of the space is characterized by a graphical assembly that redefines the concept of a modular wall: each element is designed in order to hide its technical function, dissimulating it in a graphical set of understated elegance. Thus hangbars, shelves, faceout elements, everything has been redesigned in order to be attached to the Vitra display system. The Vitra plastic clasps, although technically perfect, are coated with laser-cut natural iron plates in order to totally dissimulate its technical-functional feature. The ceiling is part iron, part alcantara, of the same shade of the walls. The lights on the iron ceiling are boxes encased in an iron cove while the lights on the alcantara are square boxes fixed directly to the ceiling. The lighting system designed by Studio10 combines halogen and halide lamps on the ceiling elements and fluorescent ones in the coves. A composition that has proven optimal perceptual qualities, mixing in the best way direct and indirect lights, in order to enhance the quality of the textures and the colours of the furs, and at the same time rendering perfectly the shapes of the models. Also the fitting areas have the right mix of light in order to render in the best way the wearer and the fur.